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Review and Assessment of

Make Money Online Sites – Money Review

How to Earn or Make Money Online?
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This site for review and assessment of sites to make money from the Internet will be a great help!

Make money reviewWe are objective – if the program or site is good and worth the effort – to praise and encourage them. But if the program has the slightest doubt that they will lie and will become a scam – will be merciless criticism!
The aim is one – sure money online!
The idea is one – the more you believe in and work on the internet – the more money you earn!

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How to Properly Review an

Affiliate Program of Interest


With the evolution of Internet came the revolution in our lives. A lot of people saw an amazing opportunity in the World Wide Web, the opportunity to create new businesses that don’t exactly work like the traditional offline ones. 21st century has sprung out profitable activities such as affiliate marketing, drop shipping, domain reselling, etc. These new business models allowed for a lot of people to start earning money from the internet and quit their boring 9 to 5 jobs.
As an affiliate marketer, you have probably gone through hundreds if not thousands of products offered to you by the countless affiliate programs available today. Some of the products probably were useless, others had an oversaturated niche, but you surely must have spotted a few good ones that have all the potential to become your own personal money bomb. That’s good, but even if you managed to pull a good product out of the pile with crap ones, you won’t succeed if the affiliate program isn’t offering a payout that favors you and not the company with the product.

What should you look out for when searching for a decent affiliate program that will earn you some money?

Here is a short list:

•    The Payout

The Payout

The Payout

This is the first thing to sweat about – how much cash you will be getting from each and every sale. Usually, most of the affiliate programs have a commission between 10% and 20%. However, as much as one fifth of the original price sounds, whether or not you will earn enough money from one sale depends entirely on the product you are selling. Let’s use an example: Mr. A and Mr. B both decide to go product hunting. A starts promoting wind turbines and gets 50% commission for each sale, and B becomes a t-shirt affiliate program representative with a 10% cut of each sale he makes. You must be thinking “There is no way for B to earn even remotely close to what A brings home at the end of the month.” But the reality is different – selling t-shirts will be a lot more profitable than selling wind turbines, because of the sheer sales volume you can reach. Mr. A might get a few hundred bucks a sale, but he if he is lucky he’ll probably have a sale once every month or so. On the other hand, Mr. B can make a fortune, just because t-shirts are often being sold in large quantities. He receives $5-$10 a sale, but also gets 30-40-50 orders a day.

What’s really important when choosing the right affiliate program is not to get all hyped about the commission percentage. Yes, 50% are a lot, but if the product niche isn’t very active or the product itself isn’t popular, there won’t be any sales, and 50% of nothing is 0.

•    The Cookie

HTTP Cookie

HTTP Cookie

No, not the cookie monster. We are talking about internet cookies or the technology used to track visits through your referral link. Each affiliate program offers some kind of extended period and during this time you will get commission for every order made by a visitor who first stumbled on your link. This is nice, because most visitors don’t necessarily buy from the first time. They like to research the product a bit, ask around for opinions just to make that they aren’t about to make the wrong choice. Afterwards, the same customers that visited your website and clicked on your affiliate link come back and make a purchase. This is where the cookie tracks the purchase and gives the credit to you. So, before deciding on joining a certain affiliate program, make sure they offer at least a 90 day cookie.

•    Transparent Reporting

Transparent Reporting

Transparent Reporting

This is also something that distinguishes the good affiliate programs from the bad ones. Major merchants have made their goal to provide their affiliates with accurate daily and sometimes hourly reporting. This process allows for more transparent commission calculation which makes it easier for the program members to see the fruits of their labor and if needed to adjust their advertising methods according to the results. Reliable affiliate management applications are the key to every affiliate’s success. Customer tracking, clicks and impressions calculation, are all part of every affiliate’s daily routine.

•    Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Affiliate websites are all about conversion. Converting a visitor into a paying customer is the whole point in this business and not receiving any purchases definitely renders the whole time the marketer spent on his business wasted.

According to recent psychological researches, website visitors form their opinion on the page in about 50 milliseconds. The first impression is the most important one and it extends into a more in depth review of the internet site.


There are a couple of factors that determine the conversion potential of a landing page:

1) Design
Landing pages that convert have one thing in common – their design is professionally executed in a way to attract the visitor’s attention. The combination of fonts, colors and graphics has to combine in a single visual look that excites.

2) Structure
Cluttered landing pages are the horror of every internet marketer. A good landing page doesn’t have tons of densely stacked text or randomly put pictures.

3) Clarity
The information about the product should be presented in an organized and clear fashion. There should be one choice that the user is allowed to make – to spend his money. Too many categories, menus or banners lead to low conversion percentages and higher bounce rate.

All this goes to say that a good affiliate program should give its members the right to choose from a number of neatly optimized landing pages for their website. Not every affiliate marketer is a web development guru and program owners should know this.

•    Competitive rewarding
Last, but not least, comes the competitive rewarding. Good affiliate programs offer 2nd or even 3rd tier rewards. They also have performance incentives for those affiliates who bring the highest revenue. The higher the profitability of a single member is the higher the revenue percentage should be.