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As a freelancer looking for work

Ask work - freelancer

Ask work – freelancer

The Internet provides tremendous opportunities. Including for earnings. However, finding a remote work pretty hard. Especially novice freelancers. So where do you start?

The first step is to determine the direction of work. You can combine a few different specializations, but the movement in a single direction will bring more than throwing from one to another.

In freelance work has many advantages. Freelancer freely dispose of his time, not depending on the chiefs and leaders, he determines the cost of services …

But there are drawbacks. The most significant drawback of freelancing are vulnerable and triple the amount of work. If the problem is a lack of social benefits is difficult to solve, we reduce the amount of labor input can be. To do this, choose the right strategy to find orders, which, besides talent, includes several elements: quality portfolio, activity and responsibility.

For “portfolio” is desirable to select the best product. Each work should be accompanied by “speaking” name and exhaustive commentary.

Freelance work should always be available to potential customers, so they should be placed in the Internet the most appropriate way.

Exchange of telework

The simplest way to publish a portfolio of participation in the Exchange remote work. On virtual exchanges can be found not only a place for their works, but also potential customers.

Internet portals for freelancers offer an opportunity to network with colleagues, learn about their creative work, achievements, learn a lot of review articles.

Another advantage of exchanges of telework: a feedback system. As a rule, any member of the project (and the employer and freelancer) may post reviews or comments.

Accordingly, the potential employer evaluates not only the work of a freelancer, but his diligence. The more positive reviews and comments will be at the applicant, the higher the chances of getting a decent job. Conversely, the presence of negative reviews would negate all other efforts to find clients.

Own Producer

Also, a great way to express yourself can become your own site. Creating a personal web project showcase your talents in all their diversity.

There are a number of portals that provide free hosting of sufficient quality. One of the most common of these projects. You can not only free email account, but to create your own website. Users can upload their own files or by using the portal editor.

Such opportunities also provides extremely popular in the Russian sector of the Internet portal. However, for some employers to the portal – something the mass of poor quality, which is close to the mass consumption. Certainly, it is a subjective opinion,  extremely easy for beginners and for the more professional users, but when choosing hosting should consider such factors.

Free flight

After compiling and posting “portfolio” proceed directly to the search. You can use the same remote exchanges work, common to find jobs, as well as thematic forums, blogs, and communities.

Once found the right ad, a new important stage – contact with a potential customer. First of all, you need to pay attention to the needs and wishes of the client. If your ad says, to write to the email address, that’s where to send your CV and offers.

Towards the very text of the letter should also be taken seriously. Competition is high, so many e-mails from the customer must choose yours. So you need to follow a few simple rules:

Be sure to include a subject. In this case, the name must include the vacancy that you are interested and your initials or username;
Do not forget the greeting and farewell. In addition, the letter – an official document. It is undesirable use of emoticons, words, typed in capital letters;
The letter should be no more pages – the smaller the better – but informative. To improve the readability of text divided into paragraphs, preferably in 4-5 sentences;
The names attached to the message file, use your initials.


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