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Content Manager

Content Manager – demanded trade.

His main responsibilities – quality text content of the site, its management, and partial site promotion on the Internet.

If the content manager is required for a large company, and the requirements for candidates are serious.

To get the job you need to know Word, Excel Power User level, basic HTML, be able to work with graphic editors. Knowledge of programming languages are also welcome.

A big plus would be a good command of English, ability to write and edit articles.

In addition to working on content management (text and graphic content of the site) manager must deal with the strengthening of partnerships with other sites of similar subjects, to ensure growth in the number of site visitors using the latest tools and traditional Internet – marketing.

Wages and content management in a large company is about 800-1000 dollars.

However, much more common proposals with more modest fee (from $ 50 a month), although the requirements for a candidate much more liberal.

Typically, the owners of sites do not have the time or opportunity that would engage in content sites themselves, and therefore are willing to give part of the profit brought by the website in exchange for services of this kind.

Therefore duties content manager in this case will be brought to the filling of all kinds of resource text and image carriers (eg, news, articles, photos, images, videos, etc.).

The basic rule of development: the site should be constantly updated with new material. Visitors should see it “live”, “breathe”, constantly updated. In this case, over and over again will visit resource.

Special knowledge is not necessary, but still – the concept of a database DLE, admin and engine Zhumla should not cause you confusion.

Thus, we can conclude – the more knowledge you have, the greater the salary may qualify.

Sometimes the duties content manager charged link to increase popularity. To do this, look for resources with similar themes and agree to exchange links to resources.

In general, the profession and content management is readily available, even for those without specialized knowledge. As they say, everything comes with experience.


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