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Create a site under the “key” to support

Create a site under the “key” to support – a very difficult and responsible action.

No, of course not talking about when you create a “hamster” in the hope that you will learn about the millions or clumsily lepite in visiving editor and upload to parody called site.

You can even copy the html-code of the page layvinternet and beat it with your text. All the same name to all these actions, there will be one – profanity.

It is time to get rid of this bad habit as economies of the resource. Of course, if your site is not commercial content, we can be satisfied with this and that.

But if you set a task to create commercially successful, competitive products, you should think about what would have to use the services of professionals.

You can save a couple hundred dollars and then spend far more on a failed promotion.

It’s no secret that a well made and properly optimized website – a very powerful marketing tool, with which you can make a profit, not less, sometimes more than the real (offline) business.

If you are not a guru optimization and do not know a dozen languages and the phrase “database” does not cause you any good feeling you need to order the creation of a site for a “key” with further support.

In this case, you gain time and save money.

After the creation of the site consists of several technological operations which should not just pay but also to spend hours searching for narrow-format specialists. The company seeks to build sites under the “key” you get the full range of services: writing TOR (terms of reference), the creation of the original PDF files with text layers, all of the designs, including a site logo and corporate identity, page layout, promotion in search engines when by the methods of the “white” optimization and ongoing support of high positions in the ranking of search results, as well as making the necessary changes in the code of the site, if required to the customer.

The very notion of support includes constant monitoring of the situation site in the major directories and measures to raise or stabilize (if it is at the correct level), as well as testing software modules (if any) in terms of their functionality.

How is the job of creating and supporting the site?

It all depends on the difficulty level and reputation of the company or design firm that provides such services.

Simple site will cost $ 150 (but no support), a standard website made in html-format for about $ 300, online shop – $ 1,000, promotional Flash site – from $ 3000, the Internet portal – from $ 8000.


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