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Create WAP-sites

The rapid development of mobile technologies in many respects determines the person of the modern Internet.

And it is not surprising – after all mobile phones have 60% of Russians, and computers with access to the network only at 10%.

It turns out that the audience for mobile internet in 6 times, and thus the market of goods and services is much broader. It is this fact largely dictates fashion to create a wap – sites.

First, some words that represent a Wap – technology.

Technology WAP – is access to the Internet without a modem without a dedicated line, and even without a computer, but directly from your cell phone to your site.

Creating a WAP-site – a new solution for an online business, and where progress is always a profit.

Specialists will help create a WAP-site based on the content management system Plone, supporting both versions of WAP 1.x and WAP 2.0.

WAP version 1.x can submit your WAP-site as information mainly in text form.

WAP 2.0 can display color and animation on your mobile phone.

The cost of creating WAP-sites depends on their functionality.

That would create a site that can be viewed from mobile phones, you need to have a very considerable knowledge in web programming and design. Although, of course, there is a new improvement of the old with the addition of some innovations.

The main problems in the development of VAP – sites: wml-translation code pages created wap-site in a universal character encoding correctly displays all the wap-browser mobile devices.

Wap site advantages are obvious: it is available almost anywhere where there is mobile coverage as well as have the opportunity to various promotions, to send SMS news and announcements, product order can be made directly from a mobile phone.

The use of two functional modules to create a WAP-site, with an unlimited number of pages and the ability to self-update.

One kind of wap-wap-sites are the stores from which you can make a profit on the sales of mobile content.

Many well-known Web-sites already have WAP-doubles, which provide mobile phone users the same information and a set of services, and the usual sites.


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