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Creating flash-sites

In order to be successful in the network should not only have advanced views on the creation and development of the Internet – technologies, but also have modern instruments for the practical implementation of these ideas.

Until a few years ago all the Internet calmly puffing on frames and html-layout and thought that it makes no sense to change something.

However, with the flash situation changed dramatically. Websites in Flash have become extremely popular, and only the high cost hinders universal “fleshizatsiyu” of the Internet.

So what is flash?

Referring to the dictionary of the programmer: Adobe Flash, or simply Flash called Adobe Flash Player (English) and Adobe Flash Professional, a program to develop multimedia content for the platform «Adobe Engagement Platform» (such as web applications, games and cartoons.)

To be precise, Adobe Flash – environment for creating applications for the Flash Platform (Flash Platform), along with it, there are other tools (media): Adobe Flex Builder, Flash Development Tool (FDT), and others

The article is written from the vocabulary of dry language easily understood by few experts, but it is clear that by using technology to create a computer flash games and cartoons (such as the nationwide favorite recently “Masyanya” done in a flash.)

In Flash is vector based morphing, that is, a smooth “overflow” of one keyframe to another.

Flash-applications created using ActionScript (latest version 3.0) – a programming language.

Flash at the same time the concept is also used as the name of the format (flash movies, flash movies) (full name – Flash Movie). Flash-Files have racshirenie. Swf and viewed by the Flash Player, which can be installed as a plugin to your browser.

When you create a product, you can use a variety of file types (media, audio, graphics), you can create interactive interfaces and a full-fledged web applications using PHP and XML.

That would create a site in Flash, you must have a lot of experience working in the web – design and language of several programming languages, although it may have a self-taught and that can work quite well in a flash and without it.

Solid site made in flash is 2-3 thousand dollars, so long as the technique of web development available only to large companies, or so, who strive to become so.


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