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Database Development

If the concept of the “database” you hear for the first time, most of all, this job is not for you.

Database (DB) – a structured information system. In a broad sense – a collection of information about a specific real-world objects in a domain (for example, company, university, hospital, etc.). In programming terms, a set of tables (files) scored some information and interconnected.

Creating a database, the user tends to organize information on various grounds and quickly extract the sample with any combination of characters. To do this is only possible if the data is structured. A simple database can be considered as a normal telephone directory.

Usually attract freelancers to create specialized databases. These ready-made database do not occur and are not for sale, unlike, for example, a database of classical accounting policies (here reign such luminaries as 1C, Sail, etc.).

Freelancers provide various product catalogs to websites, databases, regular customers of firms, questionnaires, etc.

It is desirable to have experience of database administration and design of information systems.

What knowledge and skills needed to man who creates the database:
· It is necessary to know all the basic terminology databases: concepts of forms, queries, reports, structure, relational, hierarchical and network databases, connected tables, etc.;
· Be able to clearly structure the information available, submit future tables and their relationships;
· Own packages (at least one), database development, such as Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Paradox, Oracle, dBase, InterBase, SQL Server, etc.
· Desirable to know the languages of programming;
· In addition to navigate the classic Word and Excel.

As a rule, the person who created the database, must lead her constant support (if it is complex). On the one hand it is very convenient as it provides a steady income and the ability to improve the program. On the other hand, you will be tied to the customer.

A well-designed database should be reliable and stable, while providing ease of use ….


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