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Freelance work

Freelance work

There is a good English saying, “How many heads, so many opinions.” She seems to be very true in a particularly human thinking and perception of the world. Yet, in many areas people are admirable unanimity.

For example, the idea of earning online. This is despite not that it strongly vulgarized sites that promote earnings for Clicks, surfing, email sponsors, HYIP, MLM, pyramid schemes and how much garbage network. Still, I want to note for the sake of justice, the earnings on the web is, you just have to find the right way to implement this idea.

The answer is quite simple – if you want to make money – become a freelancer.

Freelance, literally means “to be an independent artist.” Indeed, there are many similarities in these occupations. And most important is the ability to work remotely, in free flight, setting an optimal schedule.

Freelancer – free employee, that is, a person who is not bound by any contracts or other formal commitments. Freelancing is finding and getting orders through the Internet, their implementation and the reward for their labor. Often referred to as a freelance telework, telecommuting or teleworking.

Cash payments to freelance mainly made through electronic payment systems: Paypal, Payza, Visa card, Liberty Reserve, E-gold, and though there are options for a bank transfer or postal order.

Revenues freelancers depend on their qualifications, experience and reputation in the markets of freelancing. A poll showed that most freelancers earn to $ 500 a month, although there are of course, and “aristocracy” or “blue blood” Freelancing: professional designers, programmers and marketers, monthly income which sometimes range from 2 to 5000 dollars.

Development of the Internet – the industry dictates a constant demand for such specialties as: programmers, designers, journalists (more commonly used term, copywriters), search marketers and others. results of their work (articles, software codes, graphics), you can easily send e-mail.

The phenomenon of freelancing occurred not in Russia but in the U.S., where – some 30 years ago.

The main method of communication between the customer and in those days acted phone. With the advent of the Internet and telecommuting has become a major source of livelihood for millions of people.

Only in the U.S. are working remotely 5.8% of the population, or about 17 million people. Often their income exceeds the income of those who work in the “real” world. ($ 50,000 per year versus $ 30,000).

What does it take, we can start earning in freelance? First of all, you need to determine your specialization based on the skills and abilities that you have, then make a portfolio, gain prestige among their colleagues and customers.

However, in recent years more and more popular exchanges were freelancing, where the customer and performer can communicate directly with each other.

In general, the world of freelancing diversity and variety. And if all of you are on this path, you will not regret it in any way.


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