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How to make money online translator?

Internet forums dedicated to the search for remote work, beautifully told about the rosy prospects of an interpreter on the Internet. It seems that the graduate-scholar simply must make the web translations, so the thing is useful, profitable and highly sought after.

Online translator?

Online translator?

However, each translator is not versed in search of remote income, the Internet is facing many challenges, able to wipe out the dream of quick and easy money:

Long-term breaks in orders. The work of the translator on the web useful, but unstable. If today there are orders, there is no guarantee that they will be tomorrow.
Permanent job. Remote interpreter must constantly look for new orders, monitor regularly appears online jobs quickly and respond to them.
Fraud. How disappointing, but the lion’s share of job postings interpreter fraught with loss of money or a waste of time. As in any other field of freelancing, are willing to earn the expense of a remote expert, taking advantage of his trust.

These and other difficulties prevented normally earn many novice translators. But they can and should be avoided.

First, remote transfers can best be addressed with a “protected rears.” It is advisable not to lose or find a permanent job in the same field. Working as a translator in a small agent or manager in a commercial organization, you get not only a stable salary and experience, but also new customers. Many customers prefer to translation agencies in the future to move to-face interaction with the selected person.

Second, you need to have accounts on the most popular remote exchanges earnings and daily monitor new projects. Of freelance resources offering of translators, it should be noted major portals,, and many others. You can search for customers in the text on-line exchanges, specialized forums (Forum translators, interpreters City, Lingvo, etc.) or access the Internet-agency transfers.

Third, carefully read the posts that interest you. “Solid Company looking for a translator for a permanent job on a remote basis. Lot of work. We only need a serious, responsible specialist, so the decision on admission is taken after the test job … “Next is the ICQ number or E-mail for communication.

It is quite possible that this is a real company really interested in a good translator. But chances are that someone is just looking for free workers for large single order. In this case we need to contact a potential customer and ask for more contact information. The “solid company” should be both physical and legal address.

There are also ads where “employers” demand deposit into their account any funds under this or that pretext. Naturally, this is fraud pure and such “jobs” should be avoided.

Another question that torments novice translator: how much to take for the job? Prices for transfers on the Internet depends on the language, timing and order volume. As a rule, the translation of standard page (1800) English text is from 5 to 30 usd. Translation from Russian to English costs 3-5 usd. Transfers on a rare language combinations are more expensive, but much less common.


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