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Optimization / SEO

Many have heard of the SEO. However, not all have a clear idea of what is search engine optimization and what role it plays in the promotion of sites.

Speaking figuratively what search engine optimization – web bread. Without it, you can not create a successful project. Your site will never be a successful marketing tool, and will not bring you any income.

The main task of the SEO – raising it to the top of the list (the so-called stamp) search results of major search engines.

The most popular are:
– Google (international) and Yandex Rembler (for sites Runet). The user enters any query and the search engine produces a list of the most relevant sites (respectively) of this query.

It was on your position in the list of issue is you and depends on the number of site traffic (visitors) that it will receive.

And there could be a simple relationship – the more traffic to the resource, the more chances to turn it into a successful commercial project. Especially if it was designed as a marketing site.

So, let’s turn to the dictionary: search engine optimization (Russian search engine optimization, SEO) – optimization of HTML-code, text, structure, and external factors, the site in order to raise it in search results.

Specialist Seo should know the principle of construction algorithms of search engines, to be able to optimize the code of the page and the text on the page for them to know other internal ranking factors, to work with statistics on search queries that use special programs.

The cost of SEO depends on the difficulty of obtaining the desired result. Do not believe, if you offer SEO for $ 50. Qualitative promotion and support of top resource issue will cost $ 500 a month.

Accordingly, on the basis of these figures, it can be concluded income Optimizer – they can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month.

Many successful Internet – entrepreneurs and owners of large portals have amassed their initial capital is to the CEO.

Where to learn to optimize? Probably need to just come through one’s mind and examine the information on forums and blogs related to this topic. But it’s best to go to the students to have held on to the optimizer. Then the probability of a successful start in your profession will be much greater.


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