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Project Management

Project Management – a new profession in Bulgaria. Her appearance is associated with the development, as a global network, and communication technologies in the country.

The profession may appear under different names: a project manager, web project manager, advertising manager, projects, etc.

An employee who has been in office, directing the overall amount of work to create these Web sites, and their subsequent development and support.

Special education in this area until there is nowhere to get, so often companies prepare Project Management for himself by teaching in the production process.

Workplace Project Management, as a rule, is a business, which is closely linked to the Internet.

Most likely it will be an online store, the main purpose of the operation is to sell or a company that is developing a Web site to order, as well as the company, engages in conducting marketing campaigns to promote their products.

Of course, this list is not complete, for example, there are many businesses that need such specialists.

Project Management is obliged to hold a high-level methods of website promotion and reach the target audience. He should be able to use various types of communities and social networks (blogs, chats, forums) to increase the popularity of the resource.

It is often the responsibility of the Project Management is the organization of advertising campaigns on the network.

The functional responsibilities include: the development of technical specifications and plans of work by contractors, the direct management of the web site design, monitoring their timely and quality execution, reporting on progress, system support and development of these Web sites, data collection and statistical analysis of their attendance.

Wage specialist directly dependent on experience, responsibilities assigned to it and the scale of the campaign.

In the first stage wage is about $ 700-800, and if the experience of 1-2 years will increase, and will be for about $ 1100-1500. Some large companies Project Management receive a salary of $ 3000-4000 per month.


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