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Special Disclaimer Required By Law

If you make a purchase from one of our recommended online silver dealers, then you must realize that you are purchasing a precious metal. You are not purchasing securities or any other form of “investment” or a mutual fund etc.

You MUST stick with our suggested investment program of buying the same monetary amount for many years (suggested length is twenty years or more) to get an average price for your silver purchases and build the foundation of wealth we have told you about. Those who start and quit prematurely are taking on more risk so it is vital to continue the program for many years so the system can work its magic.

People who present our unique and proprietary investment system to others in a misleading manner or in a way that leads the buyer to believe he or she should make a one time investment after opening an account with any of our suggested online silver precious metal companies or suggests in any way to another person that he or she is purchasing equities or a one time investment, should stay away from our web site.

Buyers who elect to make purchases from the two or more internet silver companies on our site must read the entire “How The System Works” pages and also take heed to the legal disclaimers before they open up the accounts with the two or more precious metals dealers and begin the long term program of building silver precious metal wealth.

Even though meticulous care has been exercised in preparing each page of this web site, the editor can not guarantee total accuracy, and can’t and will not be held responsible for the accuracy of any statistic, statement or representation made. We recommend that you consult qualified professional advisors to determine the applicability of the information and opinions given by us about the long-term investment system proposed on this web site.

The publisher and editor of the pages of this web site are not registered investment advisors. Furthermore, we can not guarantee that the online precious metals companies featured on our web site will be open for business in the future. Even some of the top banks in the world have gone under and out of business. So there is no way to guarantee a precious metals foundation using the two precious metals companies featured on this web site.

It is even possible to lose part or all of your long-term investment because of the uncertain world we are living in…even top banks have gone under, therefore, no financial company or investment is completely safe. Again, consult with a qualified investment counselor before you do anything or start any program recommended on this web site. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Also, if the fixed-odds financial betting program is featured on any pages of this site, please realize it is much more risky than the long-term precious metals program, therefore, the above disclaimer applies to that program also with much more emphasis on caution about risk, the possibility to lose, and the need for advice from a financial advisor before you get involved with fixed-odds financial betting.

Moreover, if you are a citizen of a country that requires you to report offshore financial accounts then we ask you to obey the laws of your country and report your silver investment accounts or your fixed-odds financial betting account. If you also realize profits when you someday sell your silver or from fixed-odds financial betting then we encourage you to pay all capital gains taxes that may be due at that time. Please seek advice at that time from a legal expert who knows the laws of your country.


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