Application Development

First let’s define the term. According to the dictionary, application programming [application programming] – development and debugging programs for end-users, such as accounting, word processing, etc.

The concept of “development and debugging of programs” requires that a person know at least one programming language Delphi, C + +, Java, etc. If you have not had encountered, it should be noted that to learn a language in a couple of days it is virtually impossible.

A person who is engaged in application programming:
· Know the basics of algorithms and software design, that is, has a theoretical base of programming;
· Fluent in a programming language (preferably more than one language);
· Have experience in this field, have created programs that are running good quality.

What I want to note for those who want to try their hand in this field. First of all, glad that the application programming often well paid. If programs can be successful, you not only receive the promised sum, but also gain a potential customer. As a general rule, if a programmer like the customer, it will not take the time to change it.

On the other hand, to know the programming language can not, and clients are often looking for a man who owns a certain knowledge and languages.

Well, if you have your resume and, preferably, a portfolio, it can be sent to the customer and he will be able to verify your suitability.

However, for this work is entitled to certain personal qualities:
· Perseverance – programs are not written quickly and do not always turn on the first try;
· Ability to learn quickly – language changes, the requirements for the program, too, will have to learn all the time, otherwise you will not be in demand in the market;
· Willingness to fix done – what you like, do not have to like your customer.

To be prepared to not the most flattering reviews, and, therefore, to make the project possible alteration.

In other application programming process creative and fun. You may be asked to write is any program. This may be a record for any production, multimedia drives on a specific topic, the creation of search engines, etc.

So experiment, write and perfection in the field of application software ….