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Application Development

First let’s define the term. According to the dictionary, application programming [application programming] – development and debugging programs for end-users, such as accounting, word processing, etc.

The concept of “development and debugging of programs” requires that a person know at least one programming language Delphi, C + +, Java, etc. If you have not had encountered, it should be noted that to learn a language in a couple of days it is virtually impossible.

A person who is engaged in application programming:
· Know the basics of algorithms and software design, that is, has a theoretical base of programming;
· Fluent in a programming language (preferably more than one language);
· Have experience in this field, have created programs that are running good quality.

What I want to note for those who want to try their hand in this field. First of all, glad that the application programming often well paid. If programs can be successful, you not only receive the promised sum, but also gain a potential customer. As a general rule, if a programmer like the customer, it will not take the time to change it.

On the other hand, to know the programming language can not, and clients are often looking for a man who owns a certain knowledge and languages.

Well, if you have your resume and, preferably, a portfolio, it can be sent to the customer and he will be able to verify your suitability.

However, for this work is entitled to certain personal qualities:
· Perseverance – programs are not written quickly and do not always turn on the first try;
· Ability to learn quickly – language changes, the requirements for the program, too, will have to learn all the time, otherwise you will not be in demand in the market;
· Willingness to fix done – what you like, do not have to like your customer.

To be prepared to not the most flattering reviews, and, therefore, to make the project possible alteration.

In other application programming process creative and fun. You may be asked to write is any program. This may be a record for any production, multimedia drives on a specific topic, the creation of search engines, etc.

So experiment, write and perfection in the field of application software ….

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Project Management

Project Management – a new profession in Bulgaria. Her appearance is associated with the development, as a global network, and communication technologies in the country.

The profession may appear under different names: a project manager, web project manager, advertising manager, projects, etc.

An employee who has been in office, directing the overall amount of work to create these Web sites, and their subsequent development and support.

Special education in this area until there is nowhere to get, so often companies prepare Project Management for himself by teaching in the production process.

Workplace Project Management, as a rule, is a business, which is closely linked to the Internet.

Most likely it will be an online store, the main purpose of the operation is to sell or a company that is developing a Web site to order, as well as the company, engages in conducting marketing campaigns to promote their products.

Of course, this list is not complete, for example, there are many businesses that need such specialists.

Project Management is obliged to hold a high-level methods of website promotion and reach the target audience. He should be able to use various types of communities and social networks (blogs, chats, forums) to increase the popularity of the resource.

It is often the responsibility of the Project Management is the organization of advertising campaigns on the network.

The functional responsibilities include: the development of technical specifications and plans of work by contractors, the direct management of the web site design, monitoring their timely and quality execution, reporting on progress, system support and development of these Web sites, data collection and statistical analysis of their attendance.

Wage specialist directly dependent on experience, responsibilities assigned to it and the scale of the campaign.

In the first stage wage is about $ 700-800, and if the experience of 1-2 years will increase, and will be for about $ 1100-1500. Some large companies Project Management receive a salary of $ 3000-4000 per month.

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Website Administration

Acting Administrator site has many similarities with that of content – the manager, but it is still different professions.

Main duties administrator – administration and support of the existing Internet – project, filling it with content and regular updates.

Considerable attention should be paid to the development of new resources, services, pages, sections on the site, create a bank of photos and other types of image files, which are the carriers of information.

As project administrator will have to deal with the search engine optimization of content for project promotion, development and implementation of promotional strategies on the web, the formation of news feeds, according to the orientation of the search news resource.

Also, the process of promotion and development of the resource is not possible without the planning and conduct well-designed advertising and PR campaigns, writing copy PR-orientation.

The skills necessary to carry a perfect knowledge of the whole package of Microsoft Office, as well as knowledge of design programs Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw.

The advantage in choosing a candidate will solid knowledge HTML, as well as basic knowledge of PHP, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Flash (but it is to say, ideally).

It must also own methods of search engine optimization and website promotion content, have a clear idea of how to promote websites and services on the web.

The site administrator should have in their arsenal of knowledge on how the partnership and “viral” marketing and how to make them possible.

Of all of these reasons it can be concluded that the terms of reference of the site administrator (especially if it is a large commercial project) is extremely broad.

He should be well aware of almost all processes associated with the successful development of the resource. All errors in the successful promotion strategy – is, above all, mistakes administrator.

On what salary can expect members of the profession?

All individual and depends on the terms of reference and scope of the managed resource, of course, the performance of the administrator.

On average, it ranges from 600 to 800 dollars for large sites.

Though of course, there are offers from $ 100. As they say, it all depends on you – your ability, skills and ambitions.

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Creating flash-sites

In order to be successful in the network should not only have advanced views on the creation and development of the Internet – technologies, but also have modern instruments for the practical implementation of these ideas.

Until a few years ago all the Internet calmly puffing on frames and html-layout and thought that it makes no sense to change something.

However, with the flash situation changed dramatically. Websites in Flash have become extremely popular, and only the high cost hinders universal “fleshizatsiyu” of the Internet.

So what is flash?

Referring to the dictionary of the programmer: Adobe Flash, or simply Flash called Adobe Flash Player (English) and Adobe Flash Professional, a program to develop multimedia content for the platform «Adobe Engagement Platform» (such as web applications, games and cartoons.)

To be precise, Adobe Flash – environment for creating applications for the Flash Platform (Flash Platform), along with it, there are other tools (media): Adobe Flex Builder, Flash Development Tool (FDT), and others

The article is written from the vocabulary of dry language easily understood by few experts, but it is clear that by using technology to create a computer flash games and cartoons (such as the nationwide favorite recently “Masyanya” done in a flash.)

In Flash is vector based morphing, that is, a smooth “overflow” of one keyframe to another.

Flash-applications created using ActionScript (latest version 3.0) – a programming language.

Flash at the same time the concept is also used as the name of the format (flash movies, flash movies) (full name – Flash Movie). Flash-Files have racshirenie. Swf and viewed by the Flash Player, which can be installed as a plugin to your browser.

When you create a product, you can use a variety of file types (media, audio, graphics), you can create interactive interfaces and a full-fledged web applications using PHP and XML.

That would create a site in Flash, you must have a lot of experience working in the web – design and language of several programming languages, although it may have a self-taught and that can work quite well in a flash and without it.

Solid site made in flash is 2-3 thousand dollars, so long as the technique of web development available only to large companies, or so, who strive to become so.

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Nesting sites

The role of freelancing increases in proportion to the whole Internet – space. And this is currently the most dynamic segment in the development and practical application of intellectual ideas of humanity.

Internet – the market dictates the requirements for the quality of services offered and requires constant improvement of skills of free workers.

If you have decided to devote himself to the development of professional coder sites and does not know where to start, we suggest, first learn some html editor like Front Page or Macromedia Dreamweaver.

With them, you can mark up your first page and create a “hamster” – a personal home page.

This way, you get top in the profession – the moral satisfaction of the work done and be able to personally contemplate his creation though still clumsy, and in the opinion of experts, even unworthy of attention, but it made your hands. So say the first steps in the profession.

If you decide to turn the page-proof way to make money in, you need to learn, learn, and study again. Can be, and is the only one that just to reach the mind, but most are, after all, is already on the way of development of systematic knowledge.

So, you have to devote some time to learning the basics of layout in order to get a basis which will need to be constantly developed and improved.

Job specialist layout site just is pretty clear illustration of how quickly changing tastes and requirements of the customer.

If before Turkel sites in the so-called tabular technique, now it became the site you want to divah (div) or teyblliss. Also widely used two other kinds beztablichnoy layout design-xhtml, css.

You will learn that the basic requirements for layout – cross-browser compatibility – adequately reflected in the different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera); code optimization for search engines, the presence of flexible code, lightweight pages; compliance with W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict-international standard that adhere to the moment the site designer and many other things connected with the specific profession.

Should also pay attention to the fact that semantically correct code provides better results for optimization. Using the same technology xhtml css faster loading pages, which, undoubtedly, is one of the main demands of the customer.

The very process of typesetting usually begins with receipt of the customer’s design – the layout in the form of PSD and AI, png files with the presence of all the text layers. Then, in fact, begins the process of html layout site.

Usually focuses on the main page – party site. Therefore, the cost of services in the package the highest. The remaining pages are typeset at the rate of 50% of the principal.

The cost of site layout with the requirements listed at $ 150 and up. The same customer will have to pay for additional services that the site would not be lost in the stormy sea of the Internet and successfully indexed by search engines (such as the selection of semantically correct code), etc.

Based on this, we can say that the salary of an experienced coder is currently 1500-2000 dollars per month.

But as they say – not all at once. Therefore, that to receive the money in the future, you will have to start learning the profession today.

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