Best Online MLM Business = The Revenue Sharing MLM™

The best online MLM business is the Revenue Sharing MLM™ which utilizes the Efranchise Principle MLM™ model. This unique network marketing business model assures the MLM distributor that no aggressive personal selling is necessary to succeed, but rather workable formulas, systems, and procedures have been developed, tested, and thus have proven successful for anyone who follows them. This model is not the same as a franchise but only similar in some ways to a franchise like a McDonalds. For example, the formulas for success are written up in an operating manual or instruction page that spells out everything in precise detail. To succeed all you have to do is follow the instructions. There are just a few network marketing companies that could be considered Efranchise™ Principle MLMs. They are the crowning jewels of network marketing because they allow anyone who can follow instructions and do the work to succeed.

A Revenue Share Model MLM™ also assures the MLM distributor that the necessity of a dynamic personality or special skills for success have been eliminated. Again, this MLM is not a franchise but has only some similarities to a franchise. For example at McDonalds the owner and the employees don’t have to learn the skills of a cordon blue chef or have magnetic personalities. They only need to be able to press buttons, turn switches on or off when a bell rings, flip burgers, and so forth. No special skills or gifted personality traits are required to succeed. Similarly, everything the conventional franchise owner, the manager, and the accountant need to do is written in operating manuals in the minutest details. This business model when applied to a network marketing business assures the Efranchise Principle MLM™ operator that no special skills or a dynamic personality are required for success. Only in these ways is this MLM model similar to a franchise.

The Efranchise Principle MLM™ delivers on the promises that traditional MLM has broken for the past sixty to seventy years! There are literally millions of people attempting to make money on the Internet. Many of these people have thrown money down the drain and put in hundreds and even thousands of hours promoting their programs. The vast majority have little to no success. Their well intentioned efforts fail to bring forth any worthwhile sales or recruits. When they are told the horrifying truth about the traditional MLM you immediately grab their interest and you resonate with something deep within them that they already know. Our statistics so far indicate that about 25% of the people who are presented with the facts about an Efranchise principle MLM™ end up wanting to join one. This is an almost unbelievable closure ratio!

The fatal flaw in traditional MLM is that about 95% of people never learn how to effectively generate sales or recruits. No matter what marketing courses they take, no matter how much they read about “how to convert prospects into sales,” no matter how often they place classifieds, post to FFAs, etc., no matter what leads they use, no matter what they put on their websites, they simply don’t become effective at generating sales and recruits. They either do not have the dynamic personality that is required to succeed in the traditional MLM or they never learn the set of marketing and sales skills necessary for success. The special MLM model that we like solves this problem by eliminating the necessity for these skills. You can succeed without special marketing skills. It’s all part and parcel of the Revenue Sharing Model MLM™ success experience. Just follow the instructions given to you and you will succeed.

Paradoxically, the greatest breakthrough most people can make in their marketing is to stop trying to “close sales.” Fundamentally, it’s impossible for a salesperson to “close a sale.” The decision to buy occurs in the mind of the prospect. The salesperson does not control the mind of the prospect. You’re much more successful if you focus on working a good online sales funnel that converts prospects for you. For example, McDonalds employees do not aggressively try and sell hamburgers to people. The people just walk in and purchase them. An Efranchise Principle MLM™ will be able to attract customers without agressive personal selling taking place. But an automated customer acquisition program will not exist either since the MLM company owner does not want their MLM to be placed under the same rules as a franchise. However, the Revenue Share Model MLM™ will often provide their distributors with a dynamic online sales funnel and point their members to the best lead sources, and advertising venues where the systems being used attract the people that will convert to customers.

On the other hand, the average traditional business model of online multi-level marketing is much the same as traditional MLM, but with some big improvements. When you think of network marketing and MLM, you probably think of Avon demonstrations and Tupperware parties where the hostess pushed everyone to buy products and sign up as representatives themselves. These hostesses (and hosts) were trying to accomplish the two main goals of MLM which is to build a downline and also make sales.

Today, MLM network marketing is much easier because although the home party route is still out there for traditionalists there are many other ways to advertise your business. You can use the Internet to attract people before you call them on the telephone, make sales, and thereby recruit your downline, without ever leaving home or getting out of your pajamas for that matter. And because you are operating on the Internet, your downline is not just a group of locals, but people from around the globe. Multi-level network marketing on the Internet is a whole new way to do things. You can combine the home party or door to door sales strategy with your online presence.

With Internet network marketing, there are so many different ways you can go. If you have business capital set aside to invest in advertising, you could consider a pay-per-click campaign, but not the purchasing of paying customers since that would cause the MLM to fall under the regulations governing a franchise. However if your budget is small to non-existent there are other ways. Hanging around forums that relate to your business and posting every now and then with your ad in the signature line is one way to go about it. Article marketing, which advertises your site in the bio box, is also a free way to get the word out.

Traditional network marketing online is usually done via two web sites. You will have a site where you sell the goods or services that you have been recruited to sell. Then, the company provides you with a separate site where you recruit others into your downline. You can give your downline tips, tools, even send them a newsletter. Communicating with the people you have recruited and teaching them how to better sell the product or products can make the difference between success and failure. Online multi level marketing is a misunderstood world, and it’s not easy to get rich doing it (although some people have). However, with hard work, know-how, and determination to never quit, a person can make a good career out of the best online MLM business which is the Revenue Share MLM™.