Auto Forex Trading vs. Managed Forex Accounts

Is auto Forex trading better than a managed Forex account? Are managed auto Forex programs even better than Forex managed accounts? Is it really possible to get 3% to 18% per month with alternative investment strategies? These are valid questions because there are several or more ways to enter the international currency trading market and the answers that unfold below to the questions above will inform you and may amaze you. One solution is to hire a Forex management professional to buy and sell on your behalf. You would open up several managed Forex accounts to have this done in a diversified way.

The professionals who trade these accounts are called managed Forex traders and they specialize in the foreign currencies market. You sign a limited power of attorney which grants them trading authorization over your account but does not allow them to take any money out of your account. The main advantage of having an excellent Forex trader working on your behalf is the knowledge and experience your manager brings to the table. Of course a very realistic downside is the possibility of trusting someone else with your money who then messes up your account, since even financial professionals make mistakes.

Another option is having an auto Forex trading program working on your behalf and one that is tweaked at the source and managed for you by another who knows how to update these auto Forex trading systems. This scenario is even better than a normal managed Forex account. This set up is referred to as a auto Forex traded managed account. These auto Forex trading systems include the category called: Forex robots and most commonly come in the “expert advisor” (EA) format. These can be found on the Internet by searching for them. But with so many available, which program should you choose and how can they be used more effectively with actively supervised managed account trading in the Forex market?

One way to decide is to read user reviews of auto foreign currency trading software programs and especially the Forex robots and the expert advisors (EAs). The key is to separate the testimonials, meant to sell the products, from the actual user reviews. To get the most objective reviews you may want to rely on well-known web sites that are known for their objectivity. You can find out which web sites are objective by asking around on Forex forums or blogs. Or, you can go to Forex message boards and forums and talk to actual users of auto Forex software, robots, and expert advisors. Often this is a great way to get valuable tips and information. There are also online investment groups that discuss all aspects of trading in the FX market either regarding the use of auto Forex software or which managed Forex traders are the best.

The Forex auto software programs are usually downloaded to your computer from online access after being paid for via credit card or Pay Pal. Many of them require a subscription fee paid weekly or monthly. You need to read all the fine print to determine whether it is a one time charge or a recurring charge. These auto programs are designed by many different software developers and investment professionals. Each one promises to generate investment profits using certain strategies. Some Forex software programs allow you to set certain criteria and parameters for buying and selling. It can be helpful if you have the know-how to install and update these programs and software. If you do not it may be good to look for a managed account trader who knows how to set up these programs for you, watch over them, update them when the updates are released by the creator of the system, while at the same time this managed account trader can implement opportune trades to your account to add to the profits you are making from the auto Forex trading system or program you are using. This is the best of all worlds.

Auto Forex trading programs and systems are often used by people new to the Forex market, or are turned to by those who have been burned by an inexperienced managed Forex accounts trader. The majority of these systems are for those who have money to risk and want to try something new and are willing to gamble. While some of these auto Forex software programs are quite effective, others may not be and even those that are effective at first will eventually fail if they are given time. Having an experienced managed Forex accounts trader who actively installs, manages and updates these systems for you is much much better and less risky. But an even better alternative investment strategies approach is to have a managed portfolio of non-correlated investments that give very high investment returns that can average between 3% to 18% per month. You can find the source for these high return non-correlated managed investment programs that are actually in the top one percent of all high performance investments when you become a subscriber of The Wealth Club. Please scroll down to find the banner to click on and join. You can start building your edifice of wealth upon the financial freedom foundation provided by the Wealth Club. But no matter what your preferred method of trading is, it is important to invest money you have put aside as risk capital. In layman’s terms, risk capital is money you can afford to lose.

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