Choosing The Best MLM Network Marketing Companies

What are the best MLM network marketing companies? Well, many companies claim the distinction of being on the top MLM network marketing companies list, but only a few really meet the criteria for being there. Those that give every kind of person such as the professional MLMer, the disabled person, and the person with a personality disorder an equal chance to make good money are definitely the best ones since they provide success instructions that can be followed and worked by everyone. These network marketing opportunities are the Revenue Sharing Network Marketing Companies™. But without having an MLM expert point out to you those that fall into this category, it can be very confusing for a newbie who is dipping his toes into the multi-level marketing waters to know how to select the best MLM home-based business.

Also, many people are recruited by other network marketers who are friends and so they are not given a real chance to look at other options. If you really want a huge selection to decide from, then go through each network marketing company on the web site and see what they have to offer. But there are particular things to recognize before selecting the best multi-level marketing company for yourself and those you will bring into your chosen company. Below are some tips in selecting the best or top MLM network marketing companies.

First of all, consider the target market that you would like to concentrate on. Look at the type of people you are going to be targeting and how you are going to target them. If you do lots of socializing in church, the gym, or in Mom’s groups, you may want to try selling something women would want like Avon or Mary Kay. If you are looking towards a health conscious demographic something like 4 Life Research, Herbalife or Trivita might work for you. If you love to cook, there is The Pampered Chef. Try to avoid getting involved with a company where the money comes first and the products come second. Some people fall in love with a company because of the money they can make. The products are just an excuse to make money. Having a product driven enthusiasm is much better.

What are you passionate about? What do you think you would like to sell based on your interests? You should only sell a product if you use it yourself or would use it. This maintains integrity and honesty in the world of MLM marketing, which some think are long missing. Sure, MLM had a very shady reputation in the past, but that is because of a few bad apples. Much success can be achieved in the network marketing world if you are honest, considerate, and a good salesperson. That’s what this business is all about: selling the products first because you are excited about them, and selling the opportunity secondly.

When looking at the top or best MLM business companies, check to see how many tiers of earnings they offer. Some are one tier, which means you make a percentage of what the recruits directly under you make. With some you earn on two or three levels, which means you make a percentage of what recruits up to three levels under you make. The more levels, the more chance of earnings with a strong downline. What you need to know is that no matter how great the company you’ve chosen happens to be, nothing successful will occur if you don’t do the work required to promote the products and recruit others into your downline who in turn promote them also.

Lastly, the top or best multi-level marketing company is one that has longevity behind it. Do not choose a startup company to devote all your time to. It is okay to spend part of your time on one of those, but if you are planning on a company being around for a long time then choose a top MLM company that is at least five years old. Most companies go under within their first five years. Steve Peters is a distributor of Melaleuca Inc. and chose to work with Melaleuca when it was five years old. This was a wise decision because this company has provided Steve and his family: Julie, Stephanie, and Ben Peters with solid income for many many years. Moreover, a solid Revenue Share Model Network Marketing Company™ is the best for all types of people. These kind are the very best mlm network marketing companies.