Find The Best MLM Network Marketing Opportunities

The best MLM network marketing opportunities are the Revenue Share Model Network Marketing™ companies. These everyone can succeed with. There are very few MLMs that fit this criteria. The reason everyone can succeed with these top network marketing opportunities is because you can make money even if you are not an aggressive salesman or woman. Although you need to work, you do not need to build a downline to make money with it. Everyone can follow the instructions to be a success. But the basic secret in finding the best network marketing opportunity is ultimately found within YOU, because even if you plumb the depths of the sales statistics of various top network marketing companies, and you analyze their public financial statements in an attempt to discern how a particular MLM company is getting along, the conclusions you arrive at will not be the final arbitrator over which company is right for you.

Although company performance statistics and financial statements can inform you about the financial state of a company, the final choice about which company is the best MLM business opportunity for you, rests upon a number of factors and hinges on your particular lifestyle, personality, and also depends on your peculiar preferences. The top network marketing opportunity or company that you should look at and choose is the one that you truly have a passion about, otherwise your sales presentations will not be very convincing.

The choice of a home based MLM business opportunity you make also involves integrity because you should also want to advertise and sell services or products of your chosen company that you like to use yourself. If your company has the kind of products that you would be willing to purchase retail without being a distributor of the company then you have found a real winner and one of the best network marketing opportunities.

Often products in MLM companies are way over priced compared to what you can buy in a store and the only reason they are being purchased is because the people using them are distributors and want to recruit other distributors who use the products. This is not really ethically wrong in itself and there are top MLM companies that have been thriving for years using the transfer buying concept whereby you purchase the products from your MLM company that you would normally purchase from a store and get others to do the same with the incentive that soon a downline will be built and money will be paid via commission checks. But what if you had an MLM company where you could save money on what you purchased and also build an income at the same time? That would be a double winner.

You also need to be able to demonstrate the products or services when presenting them to potential customers and you need to be able to explain well their benefits. Often hotel meeting rooms are rented for this purpose and quite a few people can gather there for the presentation. But this strategy is also used very effectively with a close up and personal approach in homes when it comes to Melaleuca parties, Tupperware parties, Watkins parties, Avon parties, and Mary Kay parties etc. In these home presentations there are often games, food, makeovers, samples, and other fun stuff and things that encourages the potential customers or distributers to use and buy the products or services available through the chosen network marketing company you are a representative of. By utilizing a home party for your presentation, you build friendship with your prospects and obtain potentially interested customers, members, or distributors for your chosen MLM opportunity. A customer to whom you gift a sales booklet, free sample product or pamphlet may not sign up or place an order today, but they may very well become your most valuable customer or distributor in the future.

If you are not the kind of person who likes to stand before people in a hotel gathering and speak about your opportunity, or if you dread the idea of hosting a party in your home, or calling upon friends or relatives to take a look at your opportunity then question if the traditional multi-level marketing opportunity is really right for you. You should consider instead an Internet based network marketing company and learn how to do sales and recruiting online with the many tools available for that approach. But it is important to choose the best online MLM company for that. It is possible to build an email list of interested prospects through a designated website for that purpose and have them all directed to another web site where the sales or sign ups are processed.

You only need to find the advertising tools and strategies that work best for the best network marketing company you have chosen to work. If you had money in the past you could utilize the pay-per-click advertising through the Google adsense program. Similar advertising companies still allow you to do that for income opportunities. Article marketing is another method. If you do not have the money then learning search engine optimization (SEO) can get your web site to the top of the search engines so interested prospects can find it. There are many different ways to get your websites and opportunities noticed with the right strategies

Choosing the best MLM network marketing opportunities is a matter of research into the top Revenue Sharing Network Marketing™ companies. Narrow down your list of favorites to the companies you like best, then go through and look at the finer points of each one. The number of tiers have an effect on your earnings. A one-tier MLM opportunity would pay you money on your sales and a portion of the sales the recruits directly under you make. Two tiers means you make a commission on your recruits and their recruits. The number of tiers and percent of commission varies widely per company