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Technical Design

The word design has come to us from the English language and has more than 15 values.

Here are just some of the most common, the value of this concept – the idea, intent, plan, purpose, intent, creative design, design and drawing, calculation, design, sketch, drawing, pattern, composition.

One of the leading trends in the design of the last time a technical design.

We can say that the technical design is a form of commercial or industrial design.

The concept of “industrial design” appeared in 1919. The father of a new direction was the German Walter Gropius, founder of the school of industrial design “Bauhaus” in Weimar.

The main purpose of technical design – creating an attractive image of the product consumption in the minds of consumers and increase its sales. For consumer products, in this case, can be attributed not only what – or the goods, but the same site.

Technical Design – includes elements of art, marketing, and technology. So, you can say so – the technical design is an area of activity where the implementation of creative ideas leads to concrete marketing results.

Create a certain image for the product produced by the company – that’s the most reasonable explanation of what do the technical designers.

Similar examples can be given in respect of household appliances. Take the same highly acclaimed design – studio Art Lebedev, who in 2005 developed the design microwave «Sweetheart» from Samsung.

Large firms – manufacturers are very interested in cooperation with well-known “brand” Art Company, since such cooperation promises good profits.

Well designed logo and corporate identity contributes to its “recognition” of consumers, which is very important, fact in the face of strong competition.


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