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Test Manager site

Test Manager site
A new and rather scarce on the Internet – a market trade.

Companies involved in the creation of websites, pay great attention to maintain its positive image in the IT market.

Job sites or QA tester manager just has to serve it.

The duties of the tester include: testing of created sites for compliance with design documents, the so-called technical requirements, maintenance of test documentation, tracking functional errors that may have occurred during the development, test layout for compliance with design layout, test automation of web-projects, training of customers’ work with a content management system website.

To get the job QA manager at a big IT company, with the prospect of career growth, you will need: to have experience testing web sites or software, understand the principles of operation of the web site, be familiar automated testing, especially testing business logic, to be able to write a plan tests, test scripts and reports.

Also welcome experience of independent knowledge of web development and Bitrix, html, css and php.

As seen from the above requirements, companies tend to a set of experts – vans, which can be used in various fields.

The wage level is a good tester sites 1000-1500 per month. Training can either be done directly in the company (but then your salary is certainly much lower) or the course.

As can be seen, QA manager should be a little bit and a programmer and web designer and technical writer. However, if you do master this profession sufficiently and will be useful to the employee in a company, the financial and professional success is guaranteed.


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