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Testing and QA

Increasingly, the market offer freelance work creating testing and QA. But not all, even experienced freelancers know exactly what are the principles of these types of work, many of them simply equate.

Ads also appear in different ways:
– QA, Testing – Job offers for specialists;
– You need a specialist test QA (TS-F);
– Requires specialist QA testing, and so on.

What is the essential difference between these two concepts?

In the market of this type of programming, there are three basic concepts.

First Testing – testing involves quality control software. Testers are engaged. They test the software on the accuracy and completeness of implementation. Methods of test execution in modern programming ambiguous and diverse, so the work is complex, interesting and creative. Typically, a test is given a formal process that is run this software. With it tracks all the “pitfalls” and problem areas. However, not one person to say exactly what the program will be uninterrupted, as in the use of software plays an important role the human factor, the actions of which it is simply impossible to predict.

The second concept – Quality Control, ie quality control, involves measuring the quality of the product. Note that the first and second edge rather shaky, so testers tend to perform all of these functions in the course of their work themselves.

But the third concept – Quality Assuranse means “quality assurance”, which in itself implies measurement and quality control process, which is used to create high-quality software. As you can see, the difference in this case is significant. The third requires the programmer to direct intervention. Therefore, choosing this area freelancers need to know exactly what you want to do: test (QC) and quality assurance (QA).

Now let’s turn to the question of the requirements of a specialist in this field. If a company that invites you to work seriously, you may be requested as follows:
– Higher technical education. To be angry with the employers. Higher education than programming skills gives him knowledge of systems, methods, options testing, modeling, and discrete mathematics. Not every person can know it all sitting at home, that is, as a rule, the spectrum of self-taught knowledge for all his ego is much smaller;
– Own experience automated test programs. Prepare your portfolio as a good employer will want to see it. If you are a novice programmer, have a few in stock if not implemented, but is developed by software, they may like the employer;
– Knowledge of the software development process and methods of test automation. Theory must always be in my head, and the practice is applied to it;
– You should not confuse concepts such as bug / task tracking system, bugzilla, testtrack, rational robot, and others;
– Good knowledge of the concepts of stress, regression, functional testing, to know the methods of their implementation;
– Possession of SQL, Visual Script, other languages on request of the employer;
– Perhaps, a good knowledge of English.

With all the complexities of employment, are pleased that the average salary at her clearly above $ 1000 a month. Assess your strength as a tester, or QA specialist. If you feel confident – forward to new heights of freelancing! …


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