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The development of web interfaces

For a start all the same a few words about what the web interface

Web interface – a set of tools with which the user interacts with the web site through a web-based application.

Work process is time consuming and technologically. Almost always at his work developing a group of programmers.

For this work to be a programmer and, moreover, a good standard.

Basic requirements for jobs web developer interfaces to these: a good knowledge and skill development on PHP / JavaScript, HTML / XHTML / XML, ajax, SQL with the experience of 3 years.

It should also possess technical English at a level sufficient to read and understand the documentation.

Also nice to have the knowledge and skills to develop C / C + + / XSL, installation and administration of servers running Linux, skills in the Shell (automation of their actions), the ability to work with RDBMS Oracle, knowledge of PL / SQL.

In recent years, widespread web interfaces to interact with the various programs through the browser (for example, to manage your order from an online store or configure a network printer).

Web interfaces are convenient in that they give the opportunity to work together to employees that are not in the same office.

The basic requirements for quality interfaces: cross-browser compatibility (adequately reflected in the different browsers), user-friendly for the consumer, the availability of convenient navigation bar, and much more.

Many major Web – corporations such as Google and Yandex already have their own interfaces, which are an integral part of the company’s image and greatly improve the functionality of search engines.

Developer Salary Web interface is $ 1200 – $ 1600 per month, which is normally based on the relatively high requirements to the candidate. But if you have special skills, then the head of the development team can get a salary much higher.


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