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Use Our Silver Dollar Coin Prices Investment System

Fluctuating circulated grade silver dollar coin prices can be used to your advantage in our proprietary Precious Metals Best Price Averaging System™ to hedge against the movement in traditional financial markets, and the true wealth gained by having these coins can be used as a hedge should the economy and financial institutions of the country collapse completely. Holding precious metals is an historically proven way to have real wealth and has been proven throughout the centuries. Let us consider the reasons why. Firstly, precious metals prices usually move in the opposite direction from stock and real estate prices. This is especially true during a severe economic downturn, when so many investors are looking to move out of falling markets into something with greater intrinsic value. You can use the two online silver companies featured below for maximum safety of your silver holdings as you utilize our unique and award winning silver investment system.

Before you take the step of buying precious metals to hold as an investment, it is worth considering the other options you have. You can stay in the stock market but diversify into other sectors because some companies have a counter-cyclical price. It is worth remembering, though, that counter-cyclical tendencies have their limits, and that if the entire stock market is in a meltdown mode it is unlikely that these stocks would retain that attribute. You can also move into derivative investments which you can trade in either direction, or you can look at markets abroad and consider overseas markets such as emerging markets.

Derivative investments are, however, known for their volatility and higher degree of risk. They are totally unsuitable for the type of hedging investment you would need to get yourself out of a problem situation when the financial markets have already collapsed. It can be a different story if you are going to use derivatives to hedge your stocks or bonds while the markets are presently collapsing. But moving into precious metals is the accepted way of achieving the highest possible degree of security against the worst financial disasters. Physical ownership of the metals also gives you some degree of security in knowing that you will not find yourself in a position of being unable to sell these like you may find yourself when it comes to selling your listed precious metals stocks on a stock exchange in extreme circumstances.

Once you have settled on physical ownership as the best hedge of all, you then need to work out the form in which you can store the metal. You have many choices, but the most versatile of all is to store coins which have both a face value and an intrinsic value. This protects you both ways. If there should suddenly be a period of rapid deflation, with the currency able to buy more products, the face value of the coins will make them more valuable. On the other hand, should the currency be debased and become worthless, the value of the metal in the coin will greatly exceed its face value.

In the case of silver dollars, the value of the silver in the coin would exceed the dollar value which is the face value of the coin. The coin could then be melted down and traded as metal. If you choose to buy these silver coins, you will need to make sure they are stored as securely and privately as possible, and you may want to insure them if you do not mind informing others that you have these coins. But buying the coins privately and burying them in the ground may be another way to insure the coins if you are not located in a flood or earthquake area. The best way is to purchase your silver offshore where it can be stored safely away from the natural disasters and away from the people and entities who want to take it from you.

Why not utilize our Precious Metals Best Price Averaging System™ as you buy your circulated grade silver dollars? For this system to work you should use the same monetary amount for purchasing circulated grade silver dollars every month for many years. By using the same monetary amount you will purchase more silver dollars when silver dollar coin prices are low and you will get less silver dollars for the same amount of money when the prices are high. Over a long period of time you will obtain an average price for the circulated grade silver dollars that you purchase since this ingenious program for silver dollars accumulation guarantees an average price over time. Therefore, you won’t lose money but instead you will actually build a foundation of silver wealth by utilizing this system for a recommended time period of at least twenty years. Just remember to be sure and use the same monetary amount each month for many years and you will not lose.


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