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Web Development

Programmer – profession is not for everyone. I think few would dispute this fact. As well as, in the apt words of a classic, not every bird will fly to the middle of the Dnieper, and not everyone who learns on the programmer, it is them.

Indeed, the lack of good people in the market is simply catastrophic! Only in Moscow (the place where, according to popular belief, focused intellectual elite of the country) at the moment there are more than 19,000 vacancies that simply no one to replace.

The situation has been considerably complicated by the so called “brain drain” abroad. So it’s safe to say – if you are a good specialist, will not be left without a job ever.

In order to be a programmer to – learn, learn, and study again.

There are, of course, and “nuggets” that have become programmers without special education, but most of all, this is an exception to the rule.

Typically, basic, so to speak, the basic requirements for the programmers are standard, namely they are required: Experience programming in PHP, Perl; knowledge of MySQL, the skills of its optimal use, have a clue what the caches and indexes knowledge OS FreeBSD / Linux; understanding of XML / XSL; ability to work with the technology of Ajax; knowledge of web-server Apache. Of course you need to know the basic programming languages: Object Pascal, Delphi (3,6,7), VBA C + +.

And of course, the web – the programmer must have extensive knowledge in HTML (DHTML), CSS, JavaScript, as without this it is impossible to develop new modules and components of the web – structures.

It should also have experience in creating websites with “zero” (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, PhotoShop, Apache, etc.), knowledge of CMS (eg, Joomla!), As well as experience in optimization and promotion sites.

Must possess abilities and skills to install and configure CMS Joomla!, Connect and configure any additional plugins.

The same preference for specialists who can create templates (design and layout) sites, develop new or modify the modules CMS.

The salary depends on the programmer’s experience, qualifications and reputation received from customers. It normally starts from 1000 thousand dollars.

Good people get a lot more – up to 3-5 thousand dollars a month.


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