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Website Administration

Acting Administrator site has many similarities with that of content – the manager, but it is still different professions.

Main duties administrator – administration and support of the existing Internet – project, filling it with content and regular updates.

Considerable attention should be paid to the development of new resources, services, pages, sections on the site, create a bank of photos and other types of image files, which are the carriers of information.

As project administrator will have to deal with the search engine optimization of content for project promotion, development and implementation of promotional strategies on the web, the formation of news feeds, according to the orientation of the search news resource.

Also, the process of promotion and development of the resource is not possible without the planning and conduct well-designed advertising and PR campaigns, writing copy PR-orientation.

The skills necessary to carry a perfect knowledge of the whole package of Microsoft Office, as well as knowledge of design programs Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw.

The advantage in choosing a candidate will solid knowledge HTML, as well as basic knowledge of PHP, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Flash (but it is to say, ideally).

It must also own methods of search engine optimization and website promotion content, have a clear idea of how to promote websites and services on the web.

The site administrator should have in their arsenal of knowledge on how the partnership and “viral” marketing and how to make them possible.

Of all of these reasons it can be concluded that the terms of reference of the site administrator (especially if it is a large commercial project) is extremely broad.

He should be well aware of almost all processes associated with the successful development of the resource. All errors in the successful promotion strategy – is, above all, mistakes administrator.

On what salary can expect members of the profession?

All individual and depends on the terms of reference and scope of the managed resource, of course, the performance of the administrator.

On average, it ranges from 600 to 800 dollars for large sites.

Though of course, there are offers from $ 100. As they say, it all depends on you – your ability, skills and ambitions.


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