Current Price Of Silver Per Ounce Investment System

Get free silver and learn our unique price of silver per ounce investment system (click on the banner at the bottom if you only want the current price of silver), and you can also purchase silver safely in a safe and legal offshore account overseas that is away from the grasp of those who would like to take it from you. Also learn different ways how to profit from the silver price fluctuations here on this web page you are now reading. The price of silver generally moves up and down in tandem with the gold price, but it does so with more volatility. Short term traders who do not mind risk and like to profit from sharp movements in the prices have taken advantage of this fact. But the best way to build an investment foundation of both silver and gold for the future is to set up a purchase plan whereby the same amount goes into your silver and gold savings account each month. This plan is especially valuable for those who are fifty years old and younger since you will benefit from a wide range of prices over many years of investing with your savings plan.

Our unique Precious Metals Best Price Averaging System™ is a savings plan based on the historical fact that silver prices have gone up and down over time and that precious metal prices such as silver and gold have generally risen during bad economic times and have fallen during bright times economically. Our plan insures that you do not lose with your silver purchases because you invest equal monetary amounts regularly and periodically over specific time periods (such as 200 dollars monthly, or 125 pounds monthly, or 175 euros monthly etc.) in a safe offshore silver account in the care of a reputable company. By doing it this way, more silver is automatically purchased when prices are low and less silver is purchased when prices are high. The point of this is to lower the total average price of silver per ounce that you pay over time, giving you a lower overall cost for the amount of silver you purchased over time. This plan works very well because it insures that you do not gamble on the silver price.

Our ingenious plan will still work even if there are changes in the way the current silver price behaves from this time going forward. As long as there is an industrial demand for silver, there will always be a place for silver in the commodities market and the silver prices per ounce will be determined purely by supply and demand in the world market. Because this market is much smaller than the gold market, it will always be more vulnerable to price fluctuations due to manipulation by large speculators or investors. For example, during the 1980s the Hunt brothers tried to corner the silver market and drove the price to almost $50 per ounce. If this happens it causes inflation in the prices of products which use silver such as computers, cell phones, camera film and many other things. But by using our Precious Metals Best Price Averaging System™, you will be avoiding buying all your silver at the most expensive prices because the price of silver per ounce that you pay will be averaged out over time.

Almost fifty percent of the silver purchased these days is utilized in industry, and this will cause some stability in the silver price fluctuations. But there will always be those investors or speculators who buy and sell silver for short term profit gains or for the purpose of hedging against a plummeting stock market and falling real estate prices. You purchase silver either by taking physical possession of it, or by buying it so it is safely held for you by a reputable silver company. You need to purchase silver using both methods of possession. Having some hidden away at home gives you guaranteed access to it during a crisis, and purchasing some silver offshore gives you safe silver storage in case of thieves at home who come into your life both legally and illegally, and in case of floods or other natural disasters at home which could wipe out the silver held in possession by you or by your local bank. Furthermore, if your national economy collapsed, silver could be traded at a premium for food at the local farmer’s market. Having silver offshore allows you to escape and survive somewhere else since your silver can be liquidated and the money can be wired to you in whatever country you escape to. If you choose to stay where you are the money can be wired to you so you can purchase goods and services at home.

If you like the safety and low risk attractiveness of our Precious Metals Best Price Averaging System™, but you additionally want to capitalize on silver price fluctuations for short term gain, there are several different ways you can do this. The derivatives market in silver is very popular, because it provides much more volatility in prices than the gold market does. In this market there are silver options, where you are buying the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell at a given time. The futures market offers a spectacular potential for gain, but only at the price of being the riskiest of all investments. This is because futures trade on margin, meaning that you can lose far more money than you invest. A safer way to speculate in the silver market is through fixed-odds financial betting or options. You can lose only your initial trade or bet and no more with these instruments. With options you are purchasing the right to buy or sell. If the prices move against you, you simply don’t exercise that right. Your option will expire worthless and you will have lost your entire investment, but no more than that. You can recover these losses from future trades if you are able to manage your capital properly, and make more correct predictions than incorrect ones. You need a good percentage of accurate trades to be in profit with options, but they offer the best ratio of security and potential in the higher profit silver trading market. But if you are risk averse then stick with our plan which gives you the average price of silver per ounce over time by putting away the same dollar, or pound, or euro amount etc. monthly or quarterly. But you need to stick with this plan for a long time as you build your foundation of precious metals freedom for retirement or for a time when everything collapses financially around you.

Disclaimer: We are not nor do we claim to be registered investment advisors. You must realize that past performance is not a guarantee of future results in any kind of investment or financial account or company. Please click on the Special Disclaimer page listed on the left hand side articles menu of this web site and read it before you get your free ounce of silver or open an account with any of our featured online precious metals dealers or investment companies. Also remember to follow the laws of your country and report your accounts if you are required to, and pay all taxes on all capital gains you may someday realize from buying silver bars and selling them.