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How To Set Up The Best MLM Business From Home

The best MLM business uses the Efranchise™ model so everyone can succeed. This top MLM opportunity is appropriately named the Efranchise Principle MLM™ or Revenue Sharing Model MLM™ but differs from a regular franchise and so does not fall under the rules governing a franchise. There are only a few top network marketing opportunities that qualify as being a true Efranchise Principle MLM™. Therefore, forming the very best MLM business is absolutely attainable from home using both offline and online promotional materials for your network marketing program. You could also use a telephone, and you must have a computer with Internet access. The exact equipment and tools required will depend on if you choose to work your business primarily offline or if you are going to concentrate in the online arena. You can build a top network marketing business either offline or online. But it is important to get connected with a good upline that knows how to support you and instruct you.

The ground breaking MLM business model that we are excited about helps even those with personality disorders to succeed since personality is not the #1 success requirement as it is in many MLMs. The Efranchise Principle MLM™ also called the Revenue Sharing MLM™ almost assures the network marketing distributor that usable systems, formulas, and procedures have been created, tested, and approved and thus can be used in a turnkey way by most anyone who reads them and follows them. The instructions for success are written down in an instruction guide or manual that spells out everything that must be done. For success all you need to do is to implement the instructions found in the company’s own Efranchise Principle MLM guide that is provided. This kind of multi-level marketing company is rare, but when you find it and join it as a distributor, it can be the crowning jewel among the multiple streams of network marketing income in your online business portfolio.

The Revenue Share Model MLM™ also assures the MLM distributor that the necessity of a dynamic personality or special skills for success have been eliminated. The McDonald’s employees don’t have to learn the skills of a cordon blue chef or have magnetic personalities. They only need to be able to press buttons, turn switches on or off when a bell rings, flip burgers, and so forth. No special skills or gifted personality traits are required to succeed. Similarly, everything the conventional franchise owner, the manager, and the accountant need to do is written in operating manuals in the minutest details. Some of the good points of this business model when applied to a network marketing business assures the Efranchise Principle MLM™ operator that no special skills or a dynamic personality are required for success.

The Revenue Sharing MLM™ delivers on the promises that traditional MLM has broken for the past sixty to seventy years! There are literally millions of people attempting to make money with both offline and online MLMs. Many of these people have thrown money down the drain and put in hundreds and even thousands of hours promoting their programs. The vast majority have little to no success. Their well intentioned efforts fail to bring forth any worthwhile sales or recruits. When they are told the horrifying truth about traditional MLM you immediately grab their interest and you resonate with something deep within them that they already know about. Our statistics so far indicate that about 25% of the people who are presented with the facts about the Efranchise Principle MLM end up wanting to join such a company. This is an almost unbelievable conversion ratio!

The fatal flaw in traditional MLM is that about 95% of people never learn how to effectively generate sales or recruits. No matter what marketing courses they take, no matter how much they read about “how to convert prospects into sales,” no matter how often they place classifieds, post to FFAs, etc., no matter what leads they use, no matter what they put on their websites, they simply don’t become effective at generating sales and recruits. They either do not have the dynamic personality that is required to succeed in traditional MLM or they never learn the set of marketing and sales skills necessary for success in traditional MLM. The Efranchise Principle MLM™ solves this problem by eliminating the necessity for these personality traits and skills. You can succeed without these. It’s all part and parcel of the Efranchise Principle MLM™ success experience. Just follow the instructions given to you and you have a very good chance of succeeding because customers will be attracted to your MLM.

Paradoxically, the greatest breakthrough most people can make in their marketing is to stop trying to “close sales.” Fundamentally, it’s impossible for a salesperson to “close a sale.” The decision to buy occurs in the mind of the prospect. The salesperson does not control the mind of the prospect. You’re much more successful if you focus on those parts of the sales process that you control. In the case of an Efranchise Principle MLM™ or Revenue Sharing Model MLM™ all you have to do is spend some time each week following the instructions given to you and working the online sales funnel system in order to have a good chance of succeeding.

On the other hand, the traditional business model of online multi level marketing is much the same as traditional MLM, with some big improvements. When you think of network marketing and MLM, you probably think of Avon demonstrations and Tupperware parties where the hostess pushed everyone to buy products and sign up as representatives themselves. These hostesses (and hosts) were trying to accomplish the two main goals of MLM – build a downline and make sales to customers.

While multi-level marketing (MLM) doesn’t have the greatest reputation because of the mistaken perception of it being a pyramid scheme, it is a legitimate and lawful way to earn a living from home, which is what many people want. Working from home can be a challenge, but you get the freedom of working when you want, how much you want, and where you want. A portable business like a global internet network marketing business can be your best pension plan. So in deciding which top mlm business to concentrate on you need to decide if you want to choose one that will limit you to one geographic location or if you want a portable internet network marketing business. Decide how portable you want to be in the future and then choose.

The first thing you need to do is choose the best network marketing company to work with. There are so many of them it can be hard to know which one to choose. Top companies that you may have heard about include Avon, Melaleuca, The Pampered Chef, Herbalife and Discovery Toys. There are other companies to investigate as well, including Fuel Freedom International, Mona Vie, Free Life International and so many more. There are so many network marketing companies to select from and you may find a Wikipedia page dedicated to each one.

Choosing one of the top network marketing opportunities is a matter of reviewing their site, looking at the merchandise or service, reviewing all the fine print, learning about tiers and commissions they offer, basically learning all about them and then deciding if they are right for you. Think about the type of marketing you could do and who your demographic is. For example, if you are the type of woman who socializes a lot and goes to places like gyms where lots of people are, Avon could be right for you because you could leave brochures and cards around and host parties as well. In the old days people sold Avon door-to-door, this is probably still done in some neighborhoods to this day.

If you are the kind of person who does not like to socialize and you do not like talking to people on the phone or selling to people in any manner, shape or form then choose a Revenue Share Model MLM™. This top network marketing business allows you to eventually make a full-time income by just spending some time each week working the sales funnel and following simple instructions that will attract customers to your business. If you are not the salesman type then this business is perfect for you and it may take only about ten minutes per day. The best companies allow you to earn in several different ways. So this kind of company is right for just about every person who can follow simple instructions and who needs extra income or full-time income.

If you like meeting people face to face and selling in a personal one on one manner then you may want to concentrate on one of the top MLM businesses that are marketed in the more traditional way that is up close and personal. These kind of businesses start by calling on your friends and relatives and then teaching them how to find people to sign up and working with them until they can in turn teach others. On the success stories page on this web site we feature Steve, Julie and Stefanie Peters who are distributors for Melaleuca and are some of the top people in the MLM industry when it comes to personal traditional MLM recruiting and training. But not everyone is as outgoing as they are and some people prefer working behind a computer with one of the best internet MLM businesses and companies. It is important to find the one that fits you and your personality.

So after you’ve chosen the best MLM home business (one that is right for you) and signed up as a representative then what is next? Now you must build the business provided by the top network marketing opportunity that you have chosen. You do this in a traditional MLM by selling the products or services yourself and selling the opportunity to be a distributor to others. The traditional method is usually done in person or over the phone. The more people you have in your downline, the more chance of success there is. You can host seminars, place ads, hand out promotional materials or advertise online using one of the many methods available. There are many ways to get people who want to work from home to sign up under you. Providing your downline with marketing advice and promotional materials can also be helpful for their (and your) success in setting up the best MLM business at home.


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