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Application Development

First let’s define the term. According to the dictionary, application programming [application programming] – development and debugging programs for end-users, such as accounting, word processing, etc.

The concept of “development and debugging of programs” requires that a person know at least one programming language Delphi, C + +, Java, etc. If you have not had encountered, it should be noted that to learn a language in a couple of days it is virtually impossible.

A person who is engaged in application programming:
· Know the basics of algorithms and software design, that is, has a theoretical base of programming;
· Fluent in a programming language (preferably more than one language);
· Have experience in this field, have created programs that are running good quality.

What I want to note for those who want to try their hand in this field. First of all, glad that the application programming often well paid. If programs can be successful, you not only receive the promised sum, but also gain a potential customer. As a general rule, if a programmer like the customer, it will not take the time to change it.

On the other hand, to know the programming language can not, and clients are often looking for a man who owns a certain knowledge and languages.

Well, if you have your resume and, preferably, a portfolio, it can be sent to the customer and he will be able to verify your suitability.

However, for this work is entitled to certain personal qualities:
· Perseverance – programs are not written quickly and do not always turn on the first try;
· Ability to learn quickly – language changes, the requirements for the program, too, will have to learn all the time, otherwise you will not be in demand in the market;
· Willingness to fix done – what you like, do not have to like your customer.

To be prepared to not the most flattering reviews, and, therefore, to make the project possible alteration.

In other application programming process creative and fun. You may be asked to write is any program. This may be a record for any production, multimedia drives on a specific topic, the creation of search engines, etc.

So experiment, write and perfection in the field of application software ….

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Testing and QA

Increasingly, the market offer freelance work creating testing and QA. But not all, even experienced freelancers know exactly what are the principles of these types of work, many of them simply equate.

Ads also appear in different ways:
– QA, Testing – Job offers for specialists;
– You need a specialist test QA (TS-F);
– Requires specialist QA testing, and so on.

What is the essential difference between these two concepts?

In the market of this type of programming, there are three basic concepts.

First Testing – testing involves quality control software. Testers are engaged. They test the software on the accuracy and completeness of implementation. Methods of test execution in modern programming ambiguous and diverse, so the work is complex, interesting and creative. Typically, a test is given a formal process that is run this software. With it tracks all the “pitfalls” and problem areas. However, not one person to say exactly what the program will be uninterrupted, as in the use of software plays an important role the human factor, the actions of which it is simply impossible to predict.

The second concept – Quality Control, ie quality control, involves measuring the quality of the product. Note that the first and second edge rather shaky, so testers tend to perform all of these functions in the course of their work themselves.

But the third concept – Quality Assuranse means “quality assurance”, which in itself implies measurement and quality control process, which is used to create high-quality software. As you can see, the difference in this case is significant. The third requires the programmer to direct intervention. Therefore, choosing this area freelancers need to know exactly what you want to do: test (QC) and quality assurance (QA).

Now let’s turn to the question of the requirements of a specialist in this field. If a company that invites you to work seriously, you may be requested as follows:
– Higher technical education. To be angry with the employers. Higher education than programming skills gives him knowledge of systems, methods, options testing, modeling, and discrete mathematics. Not every person can know it all sitting at home, that is, as a rule, the spectrum of self-taught knowledge for all his ego is much smaller;
– Own experience automated test programs. Prepare your portfolio as a good employer will want to see it. If you are a novice programmer, have a few in stock if not implemented, but is developed by software, they may like the employer;
– Knowledge of the software development process and methods of test automation. Theory must always be in my head, and the practice is applied to it;
– You should not confuse concepts such as bug / task tracking system, bugzilla, testtrack, rational robot, and others;
– Good knowledge of the concepts of stress, regression, functional testing, to know the methods of their implementation;
– Possession of SQL, Visual Script, other languages on request of the employer;
– Perhaps, a good knowledge of English.

With all the complexities of employment, are pleased that the average salary at her clearly above $ 1000 a month. Assess your strength as a tester, or QA specialist. If you feel confident – forward to new heights of freelancing! …

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Programming for cell phones and PDAs

With the advent of modern cell phones demand for freelancers has increased substantially. Modern cell phone – it’s not just the device for negotiation, and multi-function device with its shell the application software and games.

Programming for cell phones and PDAs – is a creative process that requires not only a man of knowledge of programming languages, but also the market of modern phones.

Production of mobile phones is constantly evolving and very high rate, which creates a lot of problems to programmers at the same time making their work more interesting.

Software for mobile phones called MIDlets. What might include programming for Cell:
– The creation of games;
– Working with sound;
– Networking applications;
– Working with video and more.

If you are really interested, it is worth considering if you have enough knowledge to deal with programming for cell phones and PDAs.

First, you must be clear about the level of work that you have to perform and you are qualified. If your education is clearly not enough – you should not be taken and, as a customer, ordering program, waiting for the result, not of your functional inactivity.

Second, you should be familiar with programming languages, especially JAVA (J2ME), in addition, useful knowledge in various versions of Basic, which is also useful for writing programs with JAVA.

Third, you must be well acquainted with the operating systems PDA, such as Symbian, Windows CE, Linux, and for them to be able to program. It does not interfere with the knowledge of such language luminaries as C + +, OPL, or Visual Basic.

If this does not cause you fear and feelings of misunderstanding the subject, so this area of freelancing you like. Safely handle the new work, after programming for cell phones and PDA – new and very promising area of technology convergence and communication programming ….

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Game Programming

You began your journey into the world of freelancing and came at such a specific proposal as programming games. In your head at once flies many familiar images of WarCraft, Delta Force and other. You understand that such an ambitious game you probably will not program a and close the worksheet. But in vain!

Let’s see more. First, freelancers hardly anyone will offer a global project, and secondly, read the proposal more closely, maybe it suits you.

For example, they may include:
• It takes a team of developers to create on-line games;
• We are looking for freelancers to create game objects;
• Develop a game for the on-line casino;
• Need a flash game on the main page of the site child.

I think many freelancers – beginners relieved. Devil is not so bad as he is painted.

For many orders of this kind is a good enough knowledge of Flash-animation, programming fundamentals and principles of implementation of standard games (for example, the third and fourth examples of the above.) If the order of the first kind, it requires knowledge of networking, programming principles of network software, teamwork skills. Likely need to know a programming language.

Next we turn to the second sentence. In this case you do not require programming, and a good knowledge of graphics packages (in the classics is «3D-Max»). You should be able to create 2D or 3D images, depending on customer requirements. In addition, the need and the availability of good fantasy art abilities as plagiarism in these proposals are not welcome. In the graphical part of required basic knowledge of modeling, texturing, character, perhaps knowledge of specific items, such as weapons, architecture, engineering, etc.

Typically, customers requires experience in this field. Therefore, as a reserve in your portfolio should lie a few toys of the kind in which you want to specialize.

Game programming – a creative and interesting process. Look for customers who write for them are interesting game play and get extra income ….

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System Programming

System programming – business professional programmers, amateurs are not welcome.

Understand, what is its essence. If common application programming is the construction of programs that will provide users with certain services, such as database management, employees, guides, skins for word processing and so on, then the system programming – this programming services directly to the hardware, that is, you write a program directly tied to the equipment.

The most famous program of this kind are known to all users. This is the classic disk defragmentation, and search program “broken” sectors etc.

Range of knowledge required of the programmer, in this case, is much broader than the application programming. Programmer, systems analyst should clearly know the architecture of the PC, and not in a general way, but in principle, at the level schemes. It must be clear structure and function of the machine instructions. Analyzing the available data, the programmer must be able to adapt and match algorithm is given by the hardware. Typically, system programming is based on low-level languages such as Assembler. This enables efficient programming, provides direct access to memory and logic instructions PC. Consequently, knowledge of low-level language for such programming required. In addition, he should know the structure of the modern system of shells and not just the classic Windows, and Linux, Unix, etc.

It is worth noting that, as a rule, programmers are divided into those who create the system software and those involved in application software. This is due to a significant difference in azah and coding techniques. Most system designers are able to create good software, but not the creator of any application is able to program the hardware.

What usually order a freelancer in this field? This may be a PCB layout, design of devices, compilers, etc. I must say that system programmers are always appreciated and are paid high enough.

Working in this direction, you should always remember that the quality system programming – is the key to the success of the personal computer ….

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Database Development

If the concept of the “database” you hear for the first time, most of all, this job is not for you.

Database (DB) – a structured information system. In a broad sense – a collection of information about a specific real-world objects in a domain (for example, company, university, hospital, etc.). In programming terms, a set of tables (files) scored some information and interconnected.

Creating a database, the user tends to organize information on various grounds and quickly extract the sample with any combination of characters. To do this is only possible if the data is structured. A simple database can be considered as a normal telephone directory.

Usually attract freelancers to create specialized databases. These ready-made database do not occur and are not for sale, unlike, for example, a database of classical accounting policies (here reign such luminaries as 1C, Sail, etc.).

Freelancers provide various product catalogs to websites, databases, regular customers of firms, questionnaires, etc.

It is desirable to have experience of database administration and design of information systems.

What knowledge and skills needed to man who creates the database:
· It is necessary to know all the basic terminology databases: concepts of forms, queries, reports, structure, relational, hierarchical and network databases, connected tables, etc.;
· Be able to clearly structure the information available, submit future tables and their relationships;
· Own packages (at least one), database development, such as Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Paradox, Oracle, dBase, InterBase, SQL Server, etc.
· Desirable to know the languages of programming;
· In addition to navigate the classic Word and Excel.

As a rule, the person who created the database, must lead her constant support (if it is complex). On the one hand it is very convenient as it provides a steady income and the ability to improve the program. On the other hand, you will be tied to the customer.

A well-designed database should be reliable and stable, while providing ease of use ….

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Web Programming

First let’s define that such a web programming.

Web programming is meant by a programming web sites, and the creation of software by individual elements of the web site.

To date, this profession is widespread. It should be noted that the profession requires not only specific skills in programming, but also a little imagination of the artist, for web development is not only the creation of the code, it is also the gradual establishment of future design website.

Because today, this profession is very popular, by the candidate (web programmer) sometimes imposed strict. Specifically, knowledge of such as, html, php, javascript, ajax, css, xml.

This knowledge is usually sufficient, in order to offer their services, but there are employers with excessive demands for the programmer, and these requirements can fit only a very talented man! However, web programming is a broad area. That’s why your skills should be improved in order to increase their expertise in this area.

Catching web programming, in the first place is to set a specific purpose, then do everything to achieve it. For example it is recommended for beginners to start more closely acquainted with the language of html. because it is the base for every web programmer. Then you can begin to learn new programming languages. A big plus for web programmer will own such programs as, Corel Draw and Photoshop.

After studying graphic packages you can offer a full range of services to create a Web site, such as:
1. The software part of
2. Creating a custom design for the site

If you have read this article to the end that you have already taken the first step ….

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