Game Programming

You began your journey into the world of freelancing and came at such a specific proposal as programming games. In your head at once flies many familiar images of WarCraft, Delta Force and other. You understand that such an ambitious game you probably will not program a and close the worksheet. But in vain!

Let’s see more. First, freelancers hardly anyone will offer a global project, and secondly, read the proposal more closely, maybe it suits you.

For example, they may include:
• It takes a team of developers to create on-line games;
• We are looking for freelancers to create game objects;
• Develop a game for the on-line casino;
• Need a flash game on the main page of the site child.

I think many freelancers – beginners relieved. Devil is not so bad as he is painted.

For many orders of this kind is a good enough knowledge of Flash-animation, programming fundamentals and principles of implementation of standard games (for example, the third and fourth examples of the above.) If the order of the first kind, it requires knowledge of networking, programming principles of network software, teamwork skills. Likely need to know a programming language.

Next we turn to the second sentence. In this case you do not require programming, and a good knowledge of graphics packages (in the classics is «3D-Max»). You should be able to create 2D or 3D images, depending on customer requirements. In addition, the need and the availability of good fantasy art abilities as plagiarism in these proposals are not welcome. In the graphical part of required basic knowledge of modeling, texturing, character, perhaps knowledge of specific items, such as weapons, architecture, engineering, etc.

Typically, customers requires experience in this field. Therefore, as a reserve in your portfolio should lie a few toys of the kind in which you want to specialize.

Game programming – a creative and interesting process. Look for customers who write for them are interesting game play and get extra income ….