Best MLM Success Stories – Top Recruiters And Earners

The best MLM success stories are often cleverly disguised ways to get you to sign up under the particular person and especially company that the story is all about. Network marketing companies love to parade their top distributors for all the world to see. Every company has their own Greek Gods and Godesses who flex their financial muscles and thrust at you their busty success with their flashy wealth stories. They try to make you salivate and drool by telling you how much money they are making. They do this to imply that you can make the same amount of money which blatantly is not true for many traditional multi-level marketing companies. Just do a search on the Internet and look at companies like Amway, Nu-Skin, Mary Kay, and Herbal Life to see the amazing success stories about what top network marketing distributors or recruiters are making per year.

As stated above, at times it can be extremely difficult to figure out a genuine success story from a cleverly written sales pitch. If the story appears on their company’s web site, or the web site of a network marketing distributor then you know for sure what the true intention is. Below are two success stories that are unsolicited and are written by this writer. The last success story should be read by those who like traditional MLMs because it is an encouraging and real success story about a family of top multi-level marketing recruiters. Preceding this story is another true story about a generous company and a top MLM recruiter. Fortunately even non-sales type of people can succeed with this top network marketing company and they do not have to be an aggressive sales person to make money. All they have to do is complete some simple tasks daily. This is the kind of company that provides success for many kinds of personalities.

The first of the best MLM success stories featured on this web site is about one of the best multi-level marketing recruiters who works as a distributor for one of the top Revenue Share Model MLMs™. Many years ago, this person started a fast food franchise chain called Quiznos and he owned this whole chain for ten years. This put him in a similar position to Ray Kroc who started McDonalds, but he was selling subs rather than hamburgers. After operating that chain for ten years he sold it and eventually concentrated on various online business opportunities. It took him only six months to become a top MLM earner with a downline of many thousands of people in a top Revenue Sharing MLM™. At any point of time he will be involved in a revenue share model network marketing company™ for a relatively short period of time and have a downline of many many thousands of people and be drawing out many thousands per month in income. This can only be done in a Revenue Share Model MLM™. Everyone wants to join a company where they do not have to recruit to make money.

Not only is he making a lot of money, but many in his downline who found it hard to sell or recruit before are finding it very easy to build a downline in this top network marketing opportunity that anyone with intelligence is very very excited about. You can really make money and you do not need a dynamic personality to succeed. Because of that fact it is so easy to recruit and you do not have to be an aggressive salesman or sales lady to make it big with this company. Thus anyone who can follow simple instructions may succeed online with this company, but some people prefer traditional MLMs that require almost pure relationship marketing. The family featured in the next paragraph are tops in traditional network marketing.

One of the very best mlm success stories that this writer knows of is the one “written” by Steve and Julie Peters and their rising star daughter Stefanie Peters. This is a family of top network marketing recruiters. It was over twenty years ago that someone introduced the Peters to what was at that time a five year old network marketing company. This proved to be valuable to the Peters because it is a business statistic that once a company reaches the five year mark that the chances of it going under because of one reason or another is greatly reduced. So Steve Peters being a very outgoing person, contacted people he knew and signed them up to be distributors of his chosen company.

People who sign up with this company simply transfer over their purchase of toothpaste and shampoo etc. to this particular network marketing company and consume the products they are purchasing monthly instead of buying shampoo and toothpaste etc. etc. from the local retail store. The company also has an assortment of desirable health products that are unique. The products can be sold to retail customers and are also used as “give aways” either through one on one contact with people or at home parties in order to warm up prospects and recruit them into the network marketing company or get them interested in being customers in the future. If you are interested in a traditional MLM and want to work with top MLM earners Steve, Julie, and Stefanie, you can contact Steven J. Peters of Minnesota through his Face Book page at:

When researching the best network marketing success stories, it’s wise to research thoroughly the companies you have little knowledge about, but you are interested in learning more about, and read about how they got their start. You can do this by going to the companies’ websites and learn more about them through pages dedicated to informing people just like you who need facts. They may also have a section on their site for potential recruits like you where they spotlight top mlm network marketing earners and their stories are shared on these sites.

It can be very helpful to read or hear an authentic success story because it gives you motivation, hope, and confidence to plunge ahead. If you read these stories you tend to think that if they can do it then maybe you can too. And maybe you can if you are armed with plenty of knowledge and determination. But you need to remember that with traditional MLM you need to like to approach people one on one and not everyone likes to do this. That is why an online Efranchise Principle MLM™ can level the playing field and provide success for more people than a traditional MLM can. Always choose an Efranchise Principle MLM™ over a traditional one so that most everyone in your organization has an equal chance to make good money.

Not every so called top network marketing business opportunity has the potential to help you make a good living. But this type of career, business, and lifestyle is just not for everyone using the traditional MLM vehicle. If you choose a traditional offline MLM you have to possess the skills and personality of a good salesperson and you need to have a way with people. Furthermore, MLM is not about recruiting and living off what your downline does, because with some companies some of the best MLM recruiters sell quite a bit of product themselves on a regular basis. Strong sales plus a strong downline who duplicates what you do in both sales and recruiting can equal huge profits. Easier said than done, yes, but with the right online multi-level marketing opportunity, anyone can succeed by making a good income. By working with this kind of company you will be helping others become top multi-level marketing earners because you are working with an Efranchise Principle MLM™ also called the Revenue Share Model MLM™.

Lastly, the best network marketing books are found at local libraries and bookstores both offline and online and many of them contain the best network marketing MLM success stories. Please scroll down and find the Amazon books banner to purchase one or two of these inspiring and confidence building books. Reading them can give you a tremendous education and they will keep you very busy for a very long time. There are also information packed websites like the one you are now reading that can greatly help you. So be sure and spend time on this site studying the valuable information that has been written for you. Finally, don’t forget that the greatest teacher is found in the school of experience. Go ahead and attempt different things and see how they work out, but be sure and do some wise research beforehand. After you do your research you will need to take on a little risk now and then in both choosing and marketing the best MLM opportunity that you have chosen. But the important thing is that you keep an open mind and keep trying until you find the best MLM business and couple it with the best network marketing strategies that work best for both you and your business.